before we fell in


Seacastle is a Seattle-based Americana band, blending pop sensibilities, folk mythologizing, and fuzzy love into their own spin on rock and roll. Born after a chance meeting of banjoist Kevin Williams and guitarist Andy Gaines, Seacastle has morphed through a few different forms over the years, including a bluegrass-funk experiment and a haunting, harmonizing, syrupy folk-pop band named Band Names. Wait, no, Band of Names. After a brief hiatus, during which Andy discovered a deep, uncontrollable love for overdrive pedals and the weirder side of rock, and Kevin focused on composition for horns – a lifelong dream – the band reformed, with fresh dedication and virility, eager to get their music on.

Along with Andy’s now-electronified guitar and Kevin’s banjo-folking and melodic force powers, the cast also includes Mitch Haldeman, funky-jazzy-punny drummer, and newest member, bass-trologer Alexa Burwell. But that was never quite enough, and they have been joined by a squad of no-good horn players, who also happened to be awesome and totally good: the tromboning maestra, Julia Broome, a saxophone/flute shapeshifter, Liz Currey, and trumpeters Brandon King, Esq. and Zachariah “Mac-In-Fire” MacIntyre. On top of that, local writer Maeve Stephenson became a frequent collaborator on lyrics. Let’s just say it’s a tight squeeze up on stage.

Back to the story.

After a period of some intense hippy soul-searching, the group found the name, and the sound, that fit them perfectly: Seacastle. Just outside of definition, the band is familiar but fresh, reflective but joyous, and focused but very, very excitable.

Seacastle is gigging actively in the Seattle area, and just released their first album. They hope you enjoy!